Zing! Combo - Kling & Zing Primer Pen

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"ZING, it's done!" That's what you'll say after you've finished fletching with the help of these two incredible products.

ZING! Kling & ZING! Primer Pen. It's super simple and a real time-saver.  Just wet the base of the vane using the easy plunge-tip pen applicator add Zing Kling and clamp.  A great option to get both of these incredible ZING products in one package and save some dough.

Zing Super-Fast Primer makes quick work of fletching arrows.

Zing Primer is also available in pints for your shop!

ZING Combo
Kling - 20 gm aluminum tube
Pen - 11 gm pre-loaded plunge-tip pen.

MADE in the U.S.A.

Performance Promise
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