Zing & Flex-Bond Adhesives - Fletching Glue

Zing & Flex-Bond Adhesives - Fletching Glue

Flex-Fletch has developed multiple products to meet various needs within the archery world. Our ZING! and Flex-Bond product lines came out of the need for better fletching glue. The adheisves & primers were developed for superior performance and durability. Our fletching glue is fast, trouble-free, resistant to running, and rubber-toughened to withstand high-speed abuse. We have the toughest and best fletching glue on the market. View our online range of fletching glue, adhesives, and primers and get one on order today!



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    Flex-Bond Adhesive Pint


    Flex-Bond Adhesive Pint - Bulk Quantity Archery's first glue that works on all types of fletching and shafts, both flexible and durable. It is trusted and used by professionals throughout the world. It's ultra-stable formulation provides a long shelf...