Zing & Flex-Bond Adhesives - Fletching Glue

Zing & Flex-Bond Adhesives - Fletching Glue

Flex-Fletch has developed multiple products to meet various needs within the archery world. Our ZING! and Flex-Bond product lines came out of the need for better fletching glue. The adheisves & primers were developed for superior performance and durability. Our fletching glue is fast, trouble-free, resistant to running, and rubber-toughened to withstand high-speed abuse. We have the toughest and best fletching glue on the market. View our online range of fletching glue, adhesives, and primers and get one on order today!



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  • Zing! Superglue Remover 2 oz
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    Zing! Superglue Remover 2 oz


    This Zing! 2oz adhesive remover removes all superglue adhesion without staining or damaging surfaces. Use it to remove commonly used fletching adhesives and wrap residue including fletching tapes, spray mounts and more!  Zing! 2oz adhesive remover...