FFP-418 | Maximum Stabilization Archery Vanes

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Maximum Stabilization Archery Vanes | FFP-418

This popular vane is the replacement for feathers

The FFP-418 is one of the first archery vanes engineered by Roger Grundman. The tapered vane replicates the feather in many ways. It does exceptionally well stabilizing large broadheads. As a matter of achieving the best possible flight, it is hard to beat this vane.

FFP-418 vs FFP-418X

These two vanes are only separated by each vane's distinctive firmness. The 418X is meant for speeds of 300FPS or greater while the original 418 is meant for speeds of 299 FPS and lower.

FFP-418 Archery Type

  • 3-D
  • Indoor Spots
  • Fixed-Blade BH
  • Mechanical BH
  • Crossbow Hunting
  • Recurve

Maximum Stabilization Archery Vanes | FFP-418

FFP-418 Specifications

  • Length: 4.18"/10.6cm
  • Height: 0.450"/1.14cm
  • Weight: 11 grains
  • Color: Wide range available

Maximum Stabilization Archery Vanes | FFP-418

Flex-Fletch Series of Vanes

The Flex-Fletch series of vanes is world known for their unique ability to dampen arrow oscillation, stabilizing the flight of the arrow quickly to give you a flatter trajectory and better groupings. It's all in our urethane, no other vanes have this capability! Our unique material and exclusive molding process produce a vane with exceptional memory and durability.

Flex-Fletch Performance Promise

Our team at Flex-Fletch is proud of our high-quality products. If you are not satisfied, contact us and we'll make it right.

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