Flex-Fletch Hunting Vanes

Flex-Fletch Hunting Vanes

Flex-Fletch hunting vanes are the best in the industry. A variety of different designs depending on the style you prefer. Our silent knight hunting vane is a customer favorite. Half the sound of any vane around, less drag, faster, and tight tolerances. These are simply the best vanes for hunting. View our online range of the best hunting vanes for arrows and get one on order today!

As bowhunters we know the full range of emotions we experience every time we conduct a successful or unsuccessful hunt. The excitement of planning the hunt, the natural beauty of being in the wilderness, the mental strength required to track and find your quarry, the adrenaline of taking aim to the joy, respect and thankfulness for the harvest. The selection of the right vane does affect the outcome at the end of the day. The Flex-Fletch series of hunting vanes gives the bowhunter and crossbow hunter options that can not be found anywhere else.

Hunting Vane Online Selection

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  • NEW COLORS as of November 22, 2023
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    Silent Knight

    Silent Knight Archery Vanes

    $19.99 - $69.99

    Silent Knight Archery Vanes TOUGHER, FASTER, QUIETER- The Bowhunters Vane. 3” Shield Cut 30% thinner with a smooth tapered blade that cuts through the air Sliqtra ™ one of a kind cured memory resin. Super tough, can handle cold weather, can...

  • Premium Archery Vanes | SK2
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    SK2 | Premium Archery Vanes

    $22.99 - $44.59

    Premium Archery Vanes | SK2 SK2 premium archery vanes excels in compound archery and crossbow. It is designed for high-speed and suitable at speeds under 300 F.P.S. thanks to it's tapered design and clean cutting edge. The SK2 is great for hunting and...

  • The Perfect Archery Vane | FFP-360
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    FFP-360 | The Perfect Archery Vane

    $22.99 - $44.99

    The Perfect Archery Vane | FFP-360 Often just called "The Perfect Vane" as it is one of our top selling vanes The FFP-360 archery vane was created by Roger Grundman as his own personal perfect vane. He felt the 4" or 5" vanes were larger than he required...

  • Glow Vane
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    Glow Vane


    Flex-Fletch Glow in the Dark vanes have the glow fully integrated into our high-performance vane material. It's not a coating or paint. This allows us to use much more glow pigment for a glow that lasts a lot longer. Up to 8 hours! No need for a heavy,...