Mike Pelletier- Host of Hardcore Pursuit TV
Mike been Hosting and Producing HCP for over 13 years.  His dream of creating one of the most exciting, reality driven Hunting Shows came to life in the early 2000’s. After 6 successful seasons of airing HCP on The Sportsman Channel, Pelletier decided to retire from a 25-year career in Corporate America to put 110% of his effort and energy into making HARDCORE Pursuit a full time career.  The full-time decision has really taken HCP to another level!  Pelletier grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan running wild as a young man fishing and hunting every spare second, he had.  He resides in Iron Mountain, MI with his family and enjoys Steelhead Fishing and Working Out during the short off season.
Nate Hosie - Host of Headhunters TV
Nate Hosie was born and raised in the mountains of Pennsylvania in the town of Montdale. At six, Nat‘s father and grandfather began taking him on pheasant hunts and it didn’t take them long to realize they had created a monster. As years passed his passion and knowledge for hunting grew. He began to hunt with two neighbors, country certified experts on hunting turkeys, deer, grouse and anything else that moved. Nate took an overwhelming interest in turkey hunting and took his calling and hunting tactics to the next level. Practicing yelping on a daily basis, he won several calling contests, earning the nickname “The Turkey Slayer”. After a few years with Top Calls, a legendary call company, he began doing production and field staffing for Hunters Specialties, meeting Randy Birdsong. Nate jumped at the opportunity to be a part of HeadHunters TV, and is excited to show the viewers that there still are people in this world who appreciate memories made in God’s country.
Randy Birdsong - Host of Headhunters TV
Randy Birdsong had a dream at an early age of hopefully securing a career in the outdoor industry. Determined to fulfill this dream he bought his 1st video camera at 16 and started filming as much as possible. Lucky enough he got a chance at his dream when he began hunting and filming for Don and Kandi Kisky on Whitetail Freaks which is also on The Outdoor Channel. After finishing a degree in Finance at Southern Illinois University Randy was faced with a choice of either to continue in the Outdoor industry and try to make a full time career of it or give up the dream and start an office job in finance. He rolled the dice and came up with the concept of HeadHunters TV a show designed to give an inside look at what it takes to produce an Outdoor television series. With the help of Nate Hosie, Stephen Phillips, and Jon Skidmore the team was assembled.