SIGHTING in bags targets vs. 3D targets

SIGHTING in bags targets vs. 3D targets

May 17th 2023

Many archers often find that there seems to be a difference on their point of impact when switching between bag targets/spots and 3D targets.  It's important to practice with the same sight picture that you are using during competition.  This will help you to improve your scores. Take a listen to Ryan Jeffries with things that he works on to be at the top of his game on the professional archery circuit.  

The typical archery range is flat, with targets set at exact distances. In contrast, 3D archery takes the range into the woods, introducing unique angles, unmarked distances, and new ways to have fun with a bow.

This discipline gets its name from three-dimensional animal targets that challenge archers at each station. The targets range from small skunks to massive elk, and are set along a woodland trail.

Each target creates a different shooting scenario. You might shoot downhill at a deer target, and then walk a few steps to shoot at an alligator in a swamp. The shots try to mimic the countless scenarios bowhunters could face in the field.Having the right vane will also help you be consistent and stay on target.  Don't forget to get the Ryan's favorite vane the SK2 by clicking right here.