Sara Lopez shoots WORLD RECORD in Medellin (150 12X) | #shorts

Sara Lopez shoots WORLD RECORD in Medellin (150 12X) | #shorts

Nov 10th 2022

Colombian, Sara Lopez set a new world record in the finals of the World Cup in Medellin with 150 points and 12Xs.

This happened during the bronze medal match against Mexico’s Andrea Maya Becerra. From the beginning of the match, Sara’s shots looked more relaxed and confident than in the semifinal match against Ella Gibson, despite having changed her release.

“Before I went to the field my coach told me: ‘Use the back tension, let’s work on your technique and see what happens, medals don’t matter.’ I was so focused on my work and my rhythm that I never counted the X’s, I didn’t even realise I shot 150. It was only when I left the field that someone told me about the new world record.” said Lopez.

Sara’s new world record beat by one X the past one of 150 points and 11 Xs shot by Linda Ochoa-Anderson in 2018.  

Sara continues to use and shoot FFP 187s from Flex-Fletch Products.