Please help us welcome Ryan Jeffries as our new SHOOTER COORDINATOR for 2023

Please help us welcome Ryan Jeffries as our new SHOOTER COORDINATOR for 2023

Dec 30th 2022

Flex-Fletch is proud to announce the addition of Ryan Jeffries as our new SHOOTER COORDINATOR for Flex-Fletch Products.

Ryan is an accomplished competitive archer, avid bowhunter and family man residing from Louisville, KY. He makes

his living as a Civil Engineer, but dedicates his personal time to the archery and outdoors lifestyle. Ryan started

shooting a bow at the age of 5 and archery has been a major part of his life ever since. He is active in his local

community, volunteering time to promote archery and host events at local clubs. Ryan and his family enjoy traveling

across the U.S. each year competing on the National ASAIBO and NFAA circuits. Over the course of his archery

career, Ryan has racked up a long list of archery accomplishments as a Semi-Pro and Pro level competitor. Dating

back to the late 90’s, Ryan has exclusively used Flex-Fletch vanes for all his target archery needs. Career highlights

include 1999 ASA Semi-Pro World Champion and Shooter of the Year, 1999 ASA Louisiana and Virginia Pro/Am

Champion, 2020 ASA Hoyt Pro/Am Champion, 2021 ASA Open Pro Rookie of the Year and 2022 ASA Classic

Open Pro 2nd Place. Ryan’s kids are also enjoying success in their young archery careers.

Ryan's down-to-earth and approachable personality make him an ideal Staff Coordinator and brand ambassador for

Flex-Fletch and Silent Knight Vanes. His insight into the 3D and target archery will certainly propel our shooting and

Pro staff to the next level! Next time you see Ryan and his family at an event, stop to say hello! 

Shoot the Vane of Champions!