Choosing the right vane when it counts.

Choosing the right vane when it counts.

Posted by Jared Bloomgren on Sep 3rd 2023

It has been over 10 years since I began using Flex Fletch vanes and have been thoroughly impressed with them each year. From passing through a target to passing through a big game animal they have done great at retaining their flight characteristics each and every time. I have used a wide variety of their vanes over the years from the longer FFP-360’s to the short SK-200’s and I can say that they all perform great with excellent arrow stability and flight right out of the bow. 

For the last several years I have been committed to using the SK-200’s and enjoy their flight and control of my fixed blade broadheads. I am currently running them with a strong helical that the Arizona Mini-Max makes possible. From a slight 3 degree helical to this true helical they perform great. I feel that the SK-200’s fit me well because in the plains of the Dakotas I often find my hunts inundated with high winds and I prefer the smaller vanes to help offset the effects that they wind has on the arrow during flight. At farther downrange distances this does become noticed and I like to take that guesswork out of the equation if I can! 

One such hunt took place on the planes of SD and after a long stalk, pressed to the ground doing my best to avoid “buzz-worms” I was able to finally close the distance on my target buck. They wind was howling and my confidence in the flight of the arrow was really going to come into play! As a bowhunter I like to get as close as possible for a shot with every hunt but it doesn’t always work out that way. I found myself at 80 yards with no other option to get closer for the shot. I wanted a closer shot but ran out of options. My months of planning and preparation; my months of shooting to instill confidence in my set-up made all the difference. The wind was whipping and the buck became nervous, perhaps his 6th sense kicked in and I didn’t hesitate in decided to take the shot at the first opportunity when he turned broadside. The string tightened against the release. My muscled began to exert energy and my PSE bow came to full draw. My peep sight aligned with the sight housing and the release spit the string from its jaws. My arrow flight was beautiful and it found its mark perfectly behind the buck’s shoulders. My confidence in my equipment made a big difference that day and it continues on with each passing hunt. Having the confidence in your set-up is a must and the SK-200’s have been doing it for me with many passing years.

-Jared Bloomgren

Krypek Legion 

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