Where to Shoot a Turkey With a Bow

A breakdown of exactly where to aim at a spring gobbler with your bow whether your tom is broadside, quartering-to, head-on, or facing awayBY JACE BAUSERMAN | PUBLISHED MAR 6, 2023 6:00 PM EST Field &…

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For over 50 years and even today, still the VANE of CHAMPIONS!

From the early days of the Flex-Fletch Pro Nock and the development of our first vanes, top archers across the world choose Flex-Fletch. We continue to have an incredible team of representat…

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Choosing the right vane when it counts.

It has been over 10 years since I began using Flex Fletch vanes and have been thoroughly impressed with them each year. From passing through a target to passing through a big game animal t…

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Sirius Archery launches new T-Bone Freezer Filler arrow line up with Flex-Fletch Vanes

Looking for a new hunting arrow designed and tested by renown archer and bowhunter, Travis T-Bone Turner? Sirius Archery and T-Bone put together a system that they feel best represents…

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SIGHTING in bags targets vs. 3D targets

Many archers often find that there seems to be a difference on their point of impact when switching between bag targets/spots and 3D targets.  It's important to practice with the same sight pictu…

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