Father's Day Reflections

Father's Day means so many things to so many people. It's a little odd to me because my father wasn't a family man. For me being able to actually enjoy my family is something special. I have alway…

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Passing down the Archery Legacy Leading up to Father’s Day,

I can’t help but reflect on all the great things my Dad has done for me throughout my 47 years. It also causes me to reflect on my role as a Father. It’s a tough job, but the rewards are surely wort…

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Archery: A Journey of Passion and Legacy

Rediscovering Archery and Sharing It with My FamilyAfter a 20-year hiatus, I rekindled my love for archery in 2018. This time, it wasn’t just about me—I brought my kids along for the ride, beginning o…

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​Spring Turkey Bow Set-up

Setting Up Your Bow For Spring Turkey SeasonA lot of thought can go into setting up your bow for any given hunt and the options seem to be endless these days! So many different bows and accessories on…

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Where to Shoot a Turkey With a Bow

A breakdown of exactly where to aim at a spring gobbler with your bow whether your tom is broadside, quartering-to, head-on, or facing awayBY JACE BAUSERMAN | PUBLISHED MAR 6, 2023 6:00 PM EST Field &…

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