Putting Passion into Practice

Flex-Fletch Products is ushering in a new era of vane manufacturing for a dynamic, modern archery world following a recent investment in new processes and competitive benchmark testing.

Based in Minnesota, a land of 10,000 lakes and abundant wildlife, Flex-Fletch Products has been a core part of the local community for nearly 50 years.

Flex-Fletch Products is predominantly a Target & Hunting Vane Manufacturer and the archery markets we serve are multinational. Over the years we have established a reputation for producing the highest standard of product. Our size has helped too. We are big enough to produce a large volume, but small enough to still offer our customers that personal approach.

What is it that really sets us apart from our competitors? Our one of a kind material, our hands-on people, and our ability to build strong relationships. Relationship building is absolutely paramount in the archery industry. It is still very much a personal business, especially with all the social and online media. Our diverse Pro-Staff Professionals both Target and Hunting, are ambassadors and have contributed to our growth. These driven athletes are an integral part of our team.

The company’s stability has been supported by an ambitious three-year business strategy. The first year of the strategy was about learning, the second year was about planning, and the third year was about doing. The Flex-Fletch Operations team reviewed efficiencies and our position in the marketplace, and focused on becoming more customer-driven and made strategic improvements on processes where required. 2020 was year three of the strategy.

As part of this strategy, Flex-Fletch Products recently enjoyed the launch of the Silent Knight hunting vane – “Low Drag Vanes” that are made of exclusive Sliqtra™, a premium high memory precision resin that is 33% thinner, far smoother, and offers dramatically more consistent thickness than the inexpensive extruded plastic used by virtually all other vane manufacturers.

Covid-19 ushered in unexpected challenges for Flex-Fletch as it did for everyone else. Our capabilities were decreased to 75% for a period of time, but we were able to use the time to redesign the plant floorplan for a more efficient use of space and install new equipment. We really took advantage of that time to put us in the best possible position for when we came out of that troubled year. Most importantly, we haven’t altered our strategy at all; we’ve powered through. Not doing so would have been a mistake with long-term negative impact.

Being a forward-facing business, Flex-Fletch Products sees the future as an opportunity to grow and develop. Further down the line, it’s all going to be about offering a wider gambit of products to our customers. Everything we do will be targeted towards that because if we don’t stay in tune with what our customers want then there will be no Flex-Fletch Products.