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  • Silent Knight Archery Vanes
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    Silent Knight

    Silent Knight Archery Vanes

    $19.99 - $69.99

    Silent Knight Archery Vanes Half the sound of any vane around - A bowhunters vane. 9 Reasons The Silent Knight Vanes Are Great Half the sound of any vane around 30% thinner - Sliqtratm cured memory resin 41% more surface area Faster than 2" vanes Less...

  • The Perfect Archery Vane | FFP-360
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    The Perfect Archery Vane | FFP-360

    $22.99 - $41.99

    The Perfect Archery Vane | FFP-360 Often just called "The Perfect Vane" as it is one of our top selling vanes The FFP-360 vane was created by Roger Grundman as his own personal perfect vane. He felt the 4" or 5" vanes were larger than he required. Taking...

  • Premium Archery Vanes | SK2
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    Premium Archery Vanes | SK2

    $21.99 - $44.59

    Premium Archery Vanes | SK2 SK2 premium archery vanes excels in compound archery and crossbow. It is designed for high-speed and suitable at speeds under 300 F.P.S. thanks to it's tapered design and clean cutting edge. Compound hunters and 3D archers...

  • Low-Profile Archery Vanes | FFP-250
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    Low-Profile Archery Vanes | FFP-250

    $18.99 - $35.29

    Low-Profile Archery Vanes | FFP-250 The FFP-250 is a low-profile 2.5" vane used when clearance is an issue. The FFP-250 is a good fix for riser or string contact. It is well-suited for 3D and target archery. Coming in at only 4.6 grains, F.O.C. is...