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The history of excellence in archery

Since 1970 Flex-Fletch has been manufacturing the products that shooters of all types depend on for accuracy and durability.  The first to produce an all-weather vane that could be applied to any shaft, Flex-Fletch has been on the leading edge of innovation and performance in shooting for over four decades.  From the first victories in competition at the Minnesota State Target and Wisconsin State Field championships in 1970 until now, Flex-Fletch vanes have found a home on the podium in countless competitions and are trusted by the world’s top shooters.

We started molding vanes in our home in 1970 and after two moves and forty years, we are still a family owned, customer centered business.  This focus has led us to produce product lines that are responsive to shooters’ needs at our own plant in White Bear Township, MN.  Our vanes are manufactured through a unique process, exclusive to Flex-Fletch Products, in which we compound our own resin and precision mold each of our vanes.  We offer fifteen different vanes in seventeen colors; each has been engineered to exacting specifications in order to control the vane characteristics under stress, thus ensuring precision, accuracy, and consistency at high speeds.

Competition shooters using Flex-Fletch vanes have enjoyed unrivaled success.  Some of our achievements include:

Our excellence in completion is unequaled in the field.  We pride ourselves in producing the finesthunting vanes available.  Our hunting vanes are among the most durable, accurate, and quiet on the market today, but don’t take our word for it - view our Testimonials below!