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What Are Extreme Vanes?

A question often asked is; "What are Extreme vanes and how do they differ from the regular Flex-Fletch vanes?" 

The short answer is Extreme vanes have a higher spine (are stiffer) than our original vanes and are able to withstand much higher speeds without encountering flutter.  With that said here are the details laid out in question and answer format.

Q: I see the FFP-360's are an extreme vane but they're also listed in the hunting category without any reference to Extreme, are they one of the Extreme vanes?
A: Yes and no, they're both. One of the original Extreme vanes, the FFP-360's are available in both Extreme and Original.  This is also true of the FFP-418 and the FFP-470.  Extreme vanes are designated with a separate MPN (Manufacturers Product Number) FFP-360X, FFP-418X and so on. 

Q: To make them stiffer they must have a thicker blade, does this make them heavier?
A: No, the blade of the Extreme vanes is the same thickness as the original vanes.  Using our proprietary process we are able to change the durometer of the urethane by modifying the mixing process.  

Q: Since the Extreme vanes are stiffer they must be tougher right?
A: It can depend on what is meant by tough. The toughness of a vane can be measured in more than one way, such as the vanes resistance to bending, or the vanes ability to recover after being creased or bent, called memory. There are also different ways that vanes are damaged. The damage from a pass-through will likely be different than the damage caused by another arrow hitting the vane at high speed.  In the case of the Extreme vanes there is increased resistance to distortion and in turn a slight reduction in memory due to its increased stiffness.

Q: What about colors? Are the Extreme's available in the same colors as the original vanes?
A: Yes, the Extremes are available in all FF colors.  

Q: Are the Silent Knight vanes Extreme vanes?
Yes, The SK-200 and SK-300 are made from our Extreme material. Crossbows are generally quite fast and 350 FPS is normal, the shooter is going to want a vane that isn't fluttering, causing unwanted noise and reducing the speed of the arrow.

Q: Okay, I'm confused could you break it down for me? Which vanes are Extreme vanes?
A: FFP-360 Extreme and Original
FFP-418 Extreme and Original
FFP-470 Extreme and Original
Flash vanes
Flame Vanes

Q: My arrow speed is about 290 F.P.S. should I use Extreme vanes?
A: Our rule of thumb is archers with arrow speeds exceeding 300 FPS can benefit from using Extreme vanes. It is not a hard rule however, there are exceptions.  For instance, when shooting indoors, many archers prefer a soft flexible vane and give no regard to arrow speed, noise, or turbulance.