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Flex-Fletch, home of the deadly Silent Knight

Designed from our Extreme vanes series, Silent Knight vanes have no in-flight flutter, even at high crossbow speeds, allowing for truer flight, better accuracy, and improved groupings.  Their enhanced durability means less re-fletching, and longer life.Silent Knight ad

Silent Knight Vanes for crossbow are available in two sizes:

  • SK-200 2 inch vane (2.02" L X .485" H, 4.4 grains)
  • SK-300 3 inch vane (3.0" L X .485" H, 6.8 grains)

Both are designed to offer the most accurate flight for your bolts possible.

Silent Knight Vanes are tough and are also recommended for compound shooting.

Advantages of Silent Knight Vanes

  1. Stealth: SK vanes will not add unnecessary noise in flight.
  2. Strong: SK vanes are strong and will stand up to abuse that no other vane will.
  3. Versatile: Silent Knight vanes can be used for your regular arrows also.
  4. Speed: Silent Knight vanes are made from our exclusive Extreme formula allowing no vane flutter even at extremely high speeds.

The size you choose is a matter of personal preference. We suggest using the closest size to what you are currently using if you are switching from another brand.

Colors include:

Standard Colors

Color NameOfficial Flex-Fletch NameColor
Red Real Red Real Red
White   White
Black     Black
Purple   Purple

Fluorescent Colors

Color NameOfficial Flex-Fletch NameColor
Yellow   Fluorescent Yellow
Green   Fluorescent Green
Pink Fluorescent Red Fluorescent Red
Orange Blaze Orange Blaze Orange
Light Orange Winners Gold Winners Gold
Neon Green Cosmic Green Cosmic Green

Pearlescent Colors

Color NameOfficial Flex-Fletch NameColor
Green   Pearlescent Green
Blue   Pearlescent Blue
Pink   Pearlescent Pink

Specialty Colors

Color NameOfficial Flex-Fletch NameColor
Clear Phantom Phantom
Glow-In-The-Dark   Glow-In-The-Dark